On exterior surfaces, such as EFIS and stucco, we perform a non-intrusive/non-destructive infrared examination of the exterior walls and eaves for areas of relative heating or cooling depending on time of day, season, or weather conditions. When conditions are favorable, thermal Imaging can show us anomalies in the system and potential areas for concern. Follow up with invasive testing is needed to further evaluate and confirm the presence of moisture and resulting damage. 

With roofing systems we perform a non-intrusive/non-destructive infrared examination of roof coverings for relatively and unusually warm areas in the early evening after the roof surfaces have begun to cool. The perimeter of defect areas on flat roof surfaces is usually spray painted to show the section(s) to be repaired. 

Noninvasive Infrared Moisture Testing

The Green Valley Group provides Infrared Moisture Testing as one of the many applications of infrared thermography. Infrared thermography can be used as a tool to noninvasively track and map moisture, whether that is a roof leak, a bathtub leak or a mystery leak. Infrared thermography also provides a non-destructive means of scanning for moisture, missing or wet insulation, leaks in flat roof systems, integrity of CMU or cement block wall construction and other building anomalies.  Likewise, when the conditions are right, thermal imaging can be used as a tool to detect anomalies in a system and lead an inspector to areas for follow up that they would not typically gravitate toward testing. The information provided by this type of building survey can be the difference between major repairs or replacement, and surgical type repairs, making infrared surveys one of the most important and powerful tools in your budget-cutting arsenal.


Whether you need to restore property from moisture, mold, or fire damage, you know the value of having comprehensive and accurate information at your fingertips. Contractors and insurance companies need information fast to start claims work. You, our customer, need information so you can make accurate decisions and get your property restored correctly. Thermal Moisture Imaging can pinpoint water damage, by locating leaks in buildings, roofs, and heating loss from wet or deficient insulation. Infrared cameras allow us the ability to see and locate what the naked eye is unable to detect. 

A thermal imager shows the Evaporative Moisture Cooling effect (EMC) that occurs when the studs, insulation and other interior wall components are damaged from water. Therefore, with an infrared camera, we can quickly and non-invasively zero in on the probable wet area. At that point, we check suspect location with a moisture meter to verify. 

On Interior surfaces we perform a non-intrusive/non-destructive infrared examination of floors, walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and framing for areas of relative cooling that may indicate the presence of moisture. 



The Green Valley Group is a third party provider of stucco & home inspection, thermal imaging and building envelope forensic consulting services. Our goal is to provide thorough and accurate inspection and testing services to all of our clients while educating them throughout the process. An educated consumer is an empowered consumer, and we're passionate about providing our clients with all of the information they need to make an informed decision.Home Inspection Services Whether you're buying or selling a home, or looking to protect your current investment, professional home inspection services performed by The Green Valley Group and our partners will give you peace of mind and can assist you in a fair and smooth transaction. The Green Valley Group offers a variety of in-house and third-party partner provided inspection and testing services. The Green Valley Group provides thorough investigations of the building envelope (Stucco, Stone, EIFS, etc.) in order to uncover hidden problems, the source of those problems, and then provides recommendations that will lead to corrective solutions. We provide services designed to help buyers, sellers and owners navigate the process. The Green Valley Group provides thermal imaging for a variety of applications. Infrared Thermography can be used to evaluate and find anomalies in exterior cladding (stucco) and mechanical/electrical systems, for noninvasive moisture detection, for leak detection on flat roofs, to identify missing insulation in a wall cavity and even for equine thermal imaging. Our inspection and testing programs have been designed to assure a thorough and easy to understand overview of the conditions of a home. As an independent third-party provider of these services, The Green Valley Group commits to helping our clients navigate buying, selling or home ownership with objectivity and professionalism, and to always keep our clients' best interests at heart.

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